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A Tool to Measure the Community Impacts 
of Research Oriented Partnerships 

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This website provides information about the development of a tool to measure the impacts of research partnerships/alliances. 

The CIROP Measure is a 33-item, generic measure of community members' perceptions of the impact of research partnerships addressing social and health issues. The CIROP informs research partnerships about the extent of their impact in the areas of Personal Knowledge Development, Personal Research Skill Development, Organizational/Group Access To and Use of Information, and Community and Organizational Development. 

The CIROP Measure can be used to:

  1. assess the effectiveness of knowledge sharing approaches, 
  2. determine the most influential activities of partnerships, 
  3. determine structural characteristics of partnerships associated with various types of impact, and 
  4. demonstrate accountability to funding bodies. 

The CIROP Measure provides a better understanding of community members' perspectives and expectations of research partnerships, which has important implications for knowledge transfer and uptake.

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Why Study the Impact of Research Oriented Partnerships?

Easy To Read Summary

King, G., & Currie, M. (2002). Why study the impact of research oriented partnerships? Backgrounder: Information about the Impact Study. London, ON: Research Alliance for Children with Special Needs.

Backgrounder: Information About the Impact Study [157kb PDF]